Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nipclub Honors MarioDaCat

This week's Nipclub is in honor of a very special friend - MarioDaCat. Mario is well-known among the twitter anipals as one of the sweetest, nicest and most supportive anipals there is.

Week in and week out, Mario helps to promote Nipclub events as well as working a regular barktender shift. He also works many other special events, reads and comments on almost every blog, and is always available to provide support when needed.

Mario hasn't had an easy life. He started out as a shelter kitty who was lucky enough to find his forever home. Then he was stricken with a rare feline disease which caused him to lose all his teeth and nearly took his life. But Mario fought back hard and triumphed!

Now Mario is facing a new challenge as both his Mom and Dad have been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. Mario has never turned his back on a challenge, and we all know that he will do everything he can to help them, as they so lovingly helped him during his illness.

So the anipals are hosting a special Nipclub tonight from 4 pm to midnight EST to honor Mario. All proceeds will support the charity of his choice - Happily Ever After Animal Rescue. The theme is a Tuxie Kitty Black & White Ball. You can come as your favorite tuxie kitty (Mario, of course), dress in formal wear, or just come as you are.

It will be a great time with a great friend. We'll see you there!


  1. Awww BJ - you are so very kind with dos comments. I just has the bestest friends in the whole world. We still can't believe all dis is happening!

  2. Congrats to you Mario - it couldn't happen to a nicer anipal! xoxo