Friday, July 29, 2011

No Pet Store Puppies

via - In a new study, the ASPCA found that 78 percent of all adults in the United States don't know that a great number of dogs sold in pet stores come from puppy mills, and that 80 percent of adults wouldn't buy a dog that came from a puppy mill.

The study's results prompted the ASPCA to launch a new public-awareness campaign called No Pet Store Puppies, which prompts consumers to take an online pledge not to shop at pet stores that sell pups. The pledges will then be sent to select pet stores by the ASPCA.

"It's hard to resist those cute little puppies in the pet store windows, but most people have no idea where they come from," Laurie Beacham, senior director of ASPCA Strategy & Campaigns, said in a release. "We continue to urge those who are looking for a new companion to adopt a dog from a rescue or shelter or seek a responsible breeder so that the puppy mill industry becomes unsustainable."

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  1. Interesting statistics. I remember a time when I had no idea that pet shop pets came from puppy mills. Now of course I can't imagine not knowing. Everything we can do to spread the word will help.

  2. I can't imagine not knowing - unless you never watch TV. Oprah did a wonderful piece on it about 1- 2 years ago. We only have 2 pet stores in GB - one is Pet Smart and also PetCo - they must have gotten the message years ago because neither of them have puppy mill animals. in fact, they bring in shelter animals for display and hold adoption fairs, etc.

  3. It's so deplorable that statistics is of the US. What has the government done to stop abuses of dog and puppies in puppy mills?