Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mutt's Day

Every dog has his day and Sunday, July 31 is Mutt's Day!

A mutt by definition is a mixed-breed dog, and according to the National Mutt Census, more than half of the dogs in the U.S. are mutts.

Best described as a pet-friendly version of the U.S. census, the Mutt Census is conducted by the dog DNA analysis group Mars Veterinary, which is affiliated with the Pedigree brand.

Mars Veterinary collected DNA samples from more than 36,000 mixed-breed dogs. This data was combined with more than 16,000 web survey responses to come up with the final results.

Top 10 Mutt Breeds Include:
  1. German Shepherd
  2. Chow Chow
  3. Labrador Retriever
  4. Boxer
  5. Rottweiler
  6. American Staffordshire Terrier
  7. Miniature Poodle
  8. Golden Retriever
  9. Siberian Husky
  10. Cocker Spaniel
But whatever the breed of your favorite mutt, today is a day to celebrate them for their uniqueness. And if you're looking for a new companion, remember to stop by your local shelter or visit

Image: Washington Area Humane Society

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  1. Nice blog Bunny. I'd like to see all the mutts of the world adopted. We mutss (I'm a moggie kitty) make the sweetest pets. Give us a try.