Friday, April 27, 2012

Cat Actor Finds Tinseltown Tough for Tabbies

Image via Pawnation
Via Huffington Post - A cat actor who recently relocated from New York to Los Angeles is finding that the road to fame is kitty-littered with hardship.

Vito Vincent is a lovable orange tabby who is very calm - even when cameras are running. As such, the animal actor has been able to score high-profile TV appearances on "30 Rock" and "The Colbert Report" as "Christianne Aman-purr."

But while New York is Mecca for many human actors, Hollywood is where it's at for animal thespians, so Vito's owner and manager, Michael LeCrichia, decided to high tail it to Tinseltown a year ago in order to follow in the footsteps of other acting greats like Lassie, Uggie the dog, and Morris the cat.

"I knew that since he was a working actor in New York, if he wanted to try and make it in movies, we might have a better opportunity to make it into a movie in Los Angeles, in Hollywood. So we ventured out here in May of last year," LeCrichia told Reuters.

It's been a bit of a letdown for Vito, whose biggest gig was as Christiane Aman-purr last year. Show host Stephen Colbert lifted Vito onto his desk and questioned him for two minutes under bright lights in front of a loud, boisterous audience.

Things haven't exactly moved forward for Vito since the move, but LeCrichia has had some luck building a buzz by taking the cat out on a leash in public, where he usually attracts lookie-loos like Michelle Klein.

"I was surprised," she told Reuters. "Most cats are pretty aloof and so he's a very friendly and chatty little guy here."

It's not easy, but LeCrichia understands that in order for Vito to make it, they can't just pussyfoot around. 

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  1. Don't forget Tillman when you mention animal actors in LA! I think Vito needs to come back home. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!

    1. The world of animal actors is dog-eat-dog, so it's a good thing that Vito is a cat!

    2. Good come back Vicki, It can be a cat eat cat world at times too. ha ha

  2. I'm trying to remember a movie where the cat had a big part, but I'm kind of stymied. I think New York might be better.

    1. There was that movie - Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore!

  3. Christine Aman-purr... I love it!