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Dog Lover Teaches Kids about Life of Lab Animals

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Via New York Daily News - Kate Aubry and her adorable “freegle” Juno were hard at work on Friday preparing to teach kids how to help their families shop with more compassion. The eager duo was set to talk to kids in an after-school program at the Animal Haven Shelter about the use of laboratory animals and how each of them could help end the widespread practice.

“The children in the Caring Kids program are already keenly aware of the abuses against animals, and animal testing is just another piece of the puzzle,” said Aubry.

It’s a subject that’s been close to Aubry’s heart since July 2010, when she adopted Juno - a skittish beagle whose only source of identity was the federal ID tattoo on her ear. Juno was one of 120 beagles freed from a bankrupt New Jersey laboratory and transported by rescuers from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

Before their arrival at the Pets Alive Animal Sanctuary, the dogs had spent their entire lives caged in a laboratory that used animals to test the safety of cosmetics and other household items.

“She had never felt the sunshine on her face or the grass beneath her feet,” said Aubry.  Five-year-old Juno had to learn to walk on a leash and do her “business” outside.

Today, Aubry lives by the words she preaches. She uses only products - from shampoo and toothpaste, to detergent and baked goods - that haven’t been tested on animals. Now, she’s eager to spread the word to young people around the country. 

As part of that effort, she created Juno’s Compassionate Shopping Guide, which lists more than 1,500 companies that don’t use animal testing. The free guide is available at

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  1. I really adore those pet lovers. Their dedication, love and care for their pets can't be compared to no one.