Sunday, June 10, 2012

Eight Ways to Honor Your Pet on World Pet Memorial Day

Depending on where you go on the internet, World Pet Memorial Day occurs on June 10 or June 12, 2012.

World Pet Memorial Day provides the perfect opportunity to remember beloved pets that have passed away. The loss of a pet can be a devastating experience in any pet owner's life, and the emptiness one feels in their heart and home can become overwhelming.

In honor of World Pet Memorial Day, has compiled a list of the top eight ways for pet owners to honor their pet's memory and help them cope with their loss.

Hold a Memorial Service: Just like memorial services for friends and family who have passed away, holding one for your pets can be a great way to say goodbye. By inviting family members and friends, you can remember the good times you shared together and also realize that you are not going through this alone.

Create a Memorial Spot: Whether it's a gravestone or a tree you planted, creating a pet memorial spot where you can sit quietly and remember your pet can be a soothing means to honor the memory of your pet.

Utilize Online Memorials: Even if the people around you do not understand how you feel, there are millions of pet owners in the world who have suffered through the loss of a pet. Find an online site where you and others can share stories of your pets and help each other work through the grief you are experiencing.

Create a Scrapbook: Making a scrapbook is an excellent way to help remember your pet, as well as celebrate their life. Whether you incorporate pictures of your pet's greatest accomplishments or just pictures of you and your pet on vacation, remembering the good times you had together can help make you feel better.

Keep a Symbol: Whether it's your pet's collar or favorite toy, having an object that belonged to them is a way of reminding yourself of the happiness they brought to your life. Keep that object in your car, on a book shelf or anywhere else you feel is appropriate.

Donate: Making donations in your pet's name to a local shelter, a national organization, or a dog park you used to frequent is an excellent way to not only honor the memory of your pet, but also help support other animals in need.

Volunteer: If you do not feel ready to make a commitment to bring another pet into your life, consider volunteering. Volunteers are the people who take care of our pets before they are ours, and volunteering is a great way to pass the favor on to others.

Adopt Again: Once you feel ready, adopt another pet. Nothing can replace the loss of your pet and adopting another will not be a disservice to your pet's memory. Through adoption, you will be offering another animal the same chance at the wonderful, happy life you were able to give your precious pet. 



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