Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Take Your Cat to Work Day

Via Petside.com - Pet Sitters International (PSI) created Take Your Dog to Work Day fourteen years ago. This year Take Your Dog to Work Day will be celebrated on Friday, June 22.

PSI hasn’t forgotten to include our remarkable felines from participating in the fun. In fact, this whole week, starting June 18 through June 22 is observed as Take Your Pet to Work Week.

For cat people, Take Your Pet to Work Day not only gives folks an opportunity to play with and show off their cats at their workplace, it also serves to remind us about the amazing role our cats play in the lives of their guardians. This day is also set aside to promote and encourage folks to adopt a needy, homeless kitty from a shelter or local rescue groups.

To make sure that Bring Your Pet to Work 2012 is a positive experience for your cat, here are some helpful hints: 
  • Check with your boss and co-workers if it's ok to bring your cat to work. 
  • Make sure no one is allergic. 
  • Bear in mind cats often become skitterish in a new and unfamiliar environment. To prevent an accidental escape, be sure all doors and windows are closed. 
  • Cat-proof the area by removing expensive equipment or personal belongings from desk tops and shelves. 
  • Don't forget to check for any missing ceiling tiles, since frightened cats can easily access the ceiling from a high shelf. 
  • Preferably the day before you plan to bring your cat to work, bring a litter box, litter, a pillow, or a blanket so kitty can have a safe and comfy sleeping spot. 
Check out Tips for Take Your Cat to Work Day for more suggestions. 

Read full story at: http://bit.ly/KxeFNq
Written Jo Singer


  1. Heh heh heh! Yoohoo, Pop! Can I come to work with you???

  2. My cat would absolutely hate this. My dogs love new experiences, but my cat would bolt at the first opportunity of an open door. I do hope people will take care that their cat doesn't get away.

    1. Since I work from home, it's a non-issue for me. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't give it a try - but I see lots of people at BlogPaws who bring their cats!

    2. M says she'd go one step father and make me wear a harness and leash so I couldn't wander around. (She knows how nosy I get he he) She can't imagine taking me tho - unless it would be just for an hour. She had too many people coming and going in her office to trust me not to escape.

    3. That's a good suggestion about the harness and leash Mario!

  3. FaRADaY: Mowzers - that is SO not happening to us this year! Mommy's hundreds of miles away!
    Allie: *sigh* yes...it's tragic...she's in the Land Of Bling, and I'm trapped at home. Surrounded by males!
    Oh, a girl could shop in Vegas, she could! Mother could work all day, and I could catwalk the Strip, shopping for bling. Yes, this is definitely a Tragedy of Epic Proportion.

    (since coworkers are allergic, she wouldn't be able to do this anyway. Besides, Da Boyz get a bit skittish away from the house)

    1. So sorry to hear that your mom will not be able to take you to work. Allie - purrhaps you should do a little retail therapy on the internet?

  4. I love the photo you used with this post. Too cute. :)