Saturday, May 18, 2013

Loving our purebred and mixed-breed dogs

We all love our pets dearly – maybe even more than we love people.

As a culture, we show it by treating them like one of the family, taking them on vacations with us, celebrating their birthdays, buying organic pet food and for some pet owners, even dressing them in clothes. We even have TV shows that are entirely about dogs.

The Animal Planet documentary series Dogs 101 takes specific breeds of dog and explores how they live and act. Each episode includes information about the dog breed straight from experts who know dogs best. 

Though new episodes of Dogs 101 aren't produced any more, you can still catch reruns on Animal Planet. If you're ready to get a dog, but you're still not sure which breed, Dogs 101 is a great resource to learn about your perfect dog breed match.

On movies and scripted TV shows, purebred dogs are often used because doubles and replacements are easy to find, according to this post about purebred dogs in the media.

Dogs 101 is mostly about purebreds, but the show also covered some of our favorite cross breeds, such as puggles (beagle and pug mixes), labradoodles (Lab and poodle mixes) and goldendoodles (poodle and golden retriever mixes).

And don't forget about the uniqueness of mixed-breed dogs. While you might not find a dog at the animal shelter that looks like the dogs you see on Dogs 101, you're sure to find a lifelong friend in your mixed-breed rescue dog.

The ASPCA estimates that anywhere from 5 million to 7 million animals enter shelters each year – and by adopting your next pet, you could do your part to help these animals. Plus, by adopting, you'll take home your next pet for much less money than what you would pay to get them from a breeder.

Additionally, mixed-breeds often have fewer health complications, making them more likely to have long, healthy lives. By adopting, you're saving your new friend's life by bringing them home and making them a part of your family. But whether a dog is a mixed-breed or purebred, we love them all the same!

Today’s guest blog post is written by Roger Kethcart. Roger is a husband, father to three kids, and a long-time dog lover. He currently writes for the blog. 

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