Thursday, August 22, 2013

ASPCA and NYPD establish partnership that expands protection for NYC animals

Via PR Web - The ASPCA and the New York City Police Department have announced a broad strategic collaboration to provide enhanced protection to New York City’s animals by leveraging the strengths and expertise of both organizations.

Under the agreement, the NYPD will take the lead role in responding to all animal cruelty complaints, while the ASPCA will expand its direct care and forensics work to assist law enforcement officials by providing critical support for animal cruelty victims, including forensic evaluations, medical treatment, behavior assessments, housing and placement, as well as backup legal support and training.

The partnership will officially launch on September 1, beginning with a pilot in the Bronx. The program will expand citywide in early 2014. In the interim, animal cruelty complaints that originate in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island will continue to be handled by agents from the ASPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement department.

With a small group of New York State peace officers, the ASPCA has voluntarily enforced New York State animal cruelty laws in the five boroughs since the organization was founded in 1866. However, the modern realities of New York City life call for a new approach—one that will provide broader protection for the city’s animals.

“Through this new collaboration, the ASPCA and NYPD together will provide even more effective protection and prevention of cruelty to New York City’s animals,” said Matthew Bershadker, President and Chief Executive Officer of the ASPCA.

 “The NYPD, which encompasses 77 precincts in the five boroughs, is equipped to do what the ASPCA simply cannot accomplish alone: incorporate the enforcement of animal cruelty laws into routine, everyday law enforcement work; elevate the importance of preventing crimes against animals; and provide necessary resources to combat those crimes. This historic partnership signals to the rest of the country the seriousness of animal cruelty, while potentially serving as a model for other large municipalities.”

 “This partnership is an expansion of the long-standing alliance between the ASPCA and the NYPD and makes best use of the resources of both organizations to strengthen efforts to end cruelty to animals and ensure their welfare. We look forward to significant advances in this ongoing mission,” added Bershadker.

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