Tuesday, August 20, 2013

World's Best Cat Litter celebrates expanded product lineup with new round of GiveLitter

Via PR NewswireWorld's Best Cat Litter is celebrating its expanded product lineup by launching a new round of GiveLitter, a charitable initiative that allows online voters to donate up to 30,000 pounds of litter to two Northwest animal shelters.

The new GiveLitter round launched on Monday, Aug. 19, with voting running until Friday, Aug. 23. Cat enthusiasts can visit www.worldsbestcatlitter.com/givelitter and vote daily to donate litter to the Idaho Humane Society and PAWS (Progressive Animal Welfare Society).

For every vote, World's Best Cat Litter will donate one pound of litter to the chosen charity up to 15,000 pounds of litter total for each. In the end, each shelter will receive litter according to how many votes they received. Voting is free and open to everyone.

The latest round of charitable giving celebrates the unveiling of the brand's Advanced Natural Series – a new high performance clumping litter made specifically for fast and easy cleanup.

 "We are proud to now offer six different natural litter choices for all types of cat owners. We figured it was only fitting to celebrate by supporting newly adopted cats and new pet parents," said Jean Broders, brand manager of World's Best Cat Litter.

World's Best Cat Litter expects both participating shelters to receive thousands of pounds of all-natural litter based on the success of previous rounds of GiveLitter. The most recent GiveLitter effort saw voters casting 30,000 votes in only four days to support the SPCA of Wake County in North Carolina and the Greater Birmingham Humane Society in Alabama.

Since its inception, GiveLitter has helped cat enthusiasts donate more than 232,000-pounds of free cat litter to deserving shelters across the United States. The program has also donated more than 1,000 adoption kits to participating shelters.

"We are constantly amazed by the support of our customers and the greater cat-loving community as a whole," said Broders.

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  1. What a great program! Funny, I always try to think about what a shelter needs to operate on a daily basis... food, water, medicines, toys, beds, towels, blankets, cleaning supplies, office supplies, bathing supplies, crates, cat towers, etc. and I NEVER think of kitty litter. I will remember that next donation time, but I am glad to see programs such as this. There are many programs that help shelters with big food donations, as it probably is the greatest need, but there are other needs too, cat litter being one of them that you don't often think about.