Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dog food recalls prompt expansion of freshly prepared dog food concept

Via PR Newswire - Commercial dog foods are being recalled at an alarming rate, with brands announced almost every week. One company, JustFoodForDogs, has responded to this crisis by preparing fresh, healthy, whole food recipes with 100% USDA certified ingredients containing no preservatives. 

JustFoodForDogs, "The World's First Dog Kitchen", is serving freshly cooked, nutritionally balanced, whole food daily meals for healthy dogs and custom diets for sick dogs using USDA certified ingredients fit for human consumption in Southern California and is expanding into dog loving West Hollywood this fall. The flagship store will serve all of LA's most beloved dogs from its brand new, custom built kitchen.

JustFoodForDogs will offer an affordable, premium option for Los Angeles pet parents seeking an alternative to the poorly regulated, consistently recalled, and increasingly unpopular commercial dog food traditionally sold in cans or bags. Since the highly publicized pet food recalls of 2007, the public is becoming more knowledgeable about commercial dog food and is demanding higher quality.

JustFoodForDogs opened their first kitchen in Newport Beach, California in 2011, and business is growing steadily as Orange County pet parents and veterinarians flock to buy their nutritionally balanced, tested, vet approved, and freshly prepared meals. The kitchen also offers various treats and supplements and through the online store, products can also be shipped anywhere, worldwide including their JustDoItYourself kits for preparing their recipes at home.

Growth has been fueled by filling a need in the market for transparent, high quality practices, and a loyal following of pet parents, veterinary specialists and educators including board-certified oncologists, dermatologists and internal medicine vets.

In a time where the trend toward freshly prepared dog food has sprouted some inexperienced people to make and sell their own food, Dr. Oscar E. Chavez DVM, professor in canine clinical nutrition, member of the American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition, and full time staff veterinarian at JustFoodForDogs, is confident that the company is doing everything right.

"It all starts with nutrition. All of our food is made from ingredients certified for human consumption by the USDA and then nutritionally balanced for dogs according to the most recent National Research Council standards," he says. "Our daily diets have undergone and passed groundbreaking, humane AAFCO feeding trials developed at Cal Poly Pomona using student and faculty owned pets. Our veterinary and custom diets have been developed alongside, and have the backing of many top board certified specialists."

The West Hollywood location will be the company's largest kitchen and storefront with dedicated parking and local delivery. It will be followed shortly thereafter by another location in Santa Monica, Calif. Pet parents are invited to watch food being prepared there daily or make the recipes at home using the JustDIY kits.

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