Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Rust Cat

today's twitter pal iz Rusty Collins Smith aka TheRustCat. Rusty iz a very spechul pal who battled terminal cancer and went to da Rainbow Bridge yesterday. he wuz an 18 yr, 8 mo old orange tabby wif a luv fur hairball medicine, tennis balls, soft blankets, noms and hugs. he wuz a sweet gentle soul, who made each and every day a win!


  1. I enjoyed seeing Rusty's photo and reading about him...although it made my eyes tear. I don't know why we have to lose the wonderful people and animals of this world. But at least we were privileged to know them and be touched by their goodness and considerate friendship. Purrs of love to Rusty. Purrs of comfort to his family. xo

  2. I love this picture of Rusty. Such personality, and you can see it!

    Isn't Twitter great? Not only do we get to meet so many friends and share with each other, but the anipal community is the BEST support system ever.

    Have fun at the Bridge, Rusty -- going there is your biggest WIN yet!

  3. What a wonderful picture of your friend. I know it's hard to face these times, but it is great that you honor your friend. Very nice.

  4. I is very sad my friend is gone, but happy for him because he no suffer anymore. He's happy playing with all our other friends up there. One day we will meet again.

  5. PepiSmartDog= Rusty has been 1 of my closest Twit friends for a long time. We both got sick at the same time. Mum calls him Mr.Handsome. We love Rusty. Mum couldn't stop crying but knows Rusty is now happy & hanging out with me & together Rusty & I are going to have a BLAST !
    Love U Mr.Handsome !! XXXXX