Saturday, March 20, 2010

BlogPaws Shelter/Rescue Winners

mom came home da ofur day, and she wuz furry excited. she told me dat BlogPaws had announced da winning shelters fur BlogPaws 2010 - and dat Animal Friends, da shelter we nominated, had won! i wuz so excited dat i hopped up and down, of course i wud do dat anyway. mom wuz so happy cuz she haz supported Animal Friends fur over 20 years, haz done volunteer work der, and adopted one of der kittehs frum dem. dey are da only no-kill shelter in da Pittsburgh area, and dey haf a large education component and a TNR program. so congrats to Animals Friends and all da shelter winners, and fanks fur da work u do to help da anipals! xoxo

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  1. Yo Bunny! BZTAT can't wait to see yer mom At BlogPaws!

    BTW--Thx for bringin' sunshine to my day!

    The Brew