Tuesday, April 20, 2010


one of da really cool peeps dat mom got to meet at BlogPaws wuz Jane frum @Petfinder. Jane was da moderator of da Be Da Change session. fur those of u who don't nose, Petfinder.com iz a searchable database of pets who need homes. More den 13,000 animal shelters and rescue groups across North America post der adoptable pets on Petfinder. Jane told da story bout how Petfinder started as a New Year's resolution and has resulted in 13 million adoptions since 1995! Petfinder.com Foundation wuz founded in 2003 to support da thousands of animal organization members of Petfinder.com by raising funds fur dem. Der mission iz to ensure dat no pet iz euthanized fur lack of a home. dats a BIG impact frum one little New Year's resolution! u can follow Petfinder.com on twitter, facebook or der website.


  1. Petfinder is great. M searched dat before she found me. I wasn't on there tho, but there were lot of kitties & doggies avilable. I sure hope they found a forever home too.

  2. My peeps found me through PetFinder.com. I'm living proof that the bestest, most loving anipals can be found there.