Monday, June 14, 2010

Brutus the Dane

fur those of u who haf been to pawpawty, u nose dat each anipal brings a spechul set of skills to add to da fun and help us raise money fur anipals in need, but today's spechul pal iz truly multi-talented! it iz @Brutusthedane, a 4-year-old brindle Great Dane. Brutie iz da founder of DudeFest and da bass player for da Shibbering Cheetos. he also haz an advice column in da Anipal Times called Ask Brutus , but i fink hiz most unique skill iz hiz dancing ability. Brutie haz been known to get up on da bar and do hiz Slinky Scooby Dance fur charity! i luvs Brutie fur all hiz talents, and u can follow him on twitter and hiz bloggy.


  1. We are mighty proud of our multi-talented bass player. We can't ask for a better friend. *We tried asking but they said there ain't nobody better - wink!*
    Wonderful writeup, BJC!

  2. Go Brutie, Go Brutie!! Yeah, fanks BJC, U rock and we do lub our Bru, he's a sweetie pie who will strip for I mean charity! :)

  3. He's also good at giving me a ride on his back!! fun fun fun!