Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blog The Change

hey gang - did u nose dat dis fursday, July 15 iz Blog The Change Day? sponsored by Be The Change For Animals, all u haf to do iz make a fresh commitment to help anipals, inspire ofurs to do da same, and spread da word! u can grab da badge at da BtC4Animals' website, and u can post a linky frum ur blog to der list. itz easy, itz fun, and it makes a real change in da lives of anipals in need. so join us and Blog The Change!


  1. Bunny Jean, thank you so much for helping us spread the word about Blog the Change!! You are fantastic!

  2. Bunny Jean... We can always count on you to keep us up to date and the important stuff. Thanks for this. I just prepared by blog for tomorrow, so I'm ready to put up my Blog the Change message first thing in the morning.

  3. Thanks so much for this Bunny -we'll have to add this button to our blog. You do such great work my friend.