Friday, July 16, 2010

Dog Days of Summer Challenge

our furends at Be The Change For Pets haf issued a challenge fur pet bloggers and pet lovers with da Dog Days of Summer fud and supplies drive frum July 19 - 31. here's all u need to do: 1) find a shelter or pet fud bank near you, print out a copy of da BTC4Pets flier, drop off da fud and haf sumone take ur pichure wif da flier. 2) write a blog post, tweet about it or post it on facebook. 3) upload ur pichure to da Be The Change For Pets facebook page wif a link to ur bloggy/twitter account/facebook post. BTC4Pets will add u to da total amount donated so we can all see da total impact. wat a grate way to Be The Change For Pets!