Friday, July 9, 2010

Karen and Skeezix

here's anofur cool peep (and anipal) dat mai mom met at BlogPaws 2010 - Karen Nichols and Skeezix da Cat! Karen and Skeezix write Catster's Blog. Karen is a Cat Writer, Artist and Photographer. Skeezix is da penultimate Feline Fashionista. In addition to Skeezix, Karen’s current feline family includes Rocky (an 18-year-old tuxie adoptee), Mao (a cranky middle-aged meezer), and Tripper (a ginormous feral cat now living in da lap of luxury), all of whom have der own bloggies. wow - and i thought mai mom wuz a crazy cat lady! u can follow Karen and Skeezix on twitter, facebook, and der bloggies!

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