Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bully Breed Rescue

This week's Be the Change for Animals cause is Bully Breed Rescue in New Canaan, CT. Of an estimated 3 million pit bulls in the US, approximately 1 million are killed each year! Only a handful of pit bulls are adopted from animal care and control facilities, many of which automatically destroy them due to breed specific legislation or internal non-adoption policies.

For the last ten years, the number of pit bulls entering the shelter system has increased. A survey taken in 2000 by ASPCA reported more than 20% of their population was pit bull or pit bull mix. The national average today is estimated to be 33%.

Take pity on the Pitties; they need your help! For more information on Bully Breed Rescue, visit their website, blog or facebook page. Please help spread the truth about this breed by sharing with your facebook fans and twitter followers.