Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Summer at the Lake with Petie

The anipal community has gone through some rough times lately with several friends going to the Rainbow Bridge, so I thought it would be nice to recognize the power of love and friendship within this very special group.  Our friend Pumpkin Puddy has put together a book called Summer at the Lake with Petie.  It describes how the anipals gathered together to help our pal, Petie The Cat through a very tough summer.
This book is about fun, friendship, laughter, antics, and the healing power of love.  The anipal twitterverse may seem odd to those who don't participate, but those who are involved have felt the power of being part of a community of like-minded souls.  When one of our own is sick or in trouble, we rally round to provide love, emotional support, and sometimes even financial support.  The pictures and writings in this book reflect that love and support.
This book is special not just because it's about our love for Petie and the miracles that love can work.  The proceeds of the book benefit Duncan's Place, a cat sanctuary in Loveland, CO.  It's a wonderful group of people who foster cats in their homes, help them find forever homes, and help families down on their luck keep their pets with them.
You can remember this special summer with Petie and help support the kitties at Duncan's Place by ordering your book here.


  1. Pumpkin iz amazing, this memry book iz so speshulz an it made mai petie so happy az well az helping owt kitties at Duncan's Place.

  2. Thank you so much for doing this. This means a lot to me and to the kitties and Duncan's Place.

  3. Isn't that a great book! I bought one and just love it.

  4. great post! Even for those of us who aren't "traditional anipals"....we still hold the anipals and all that they do close to our hearts!!! (you don't have to speak "anipalese" to feel the messages of love and caring!!!) Rock on all of you anipals!

  5. How wonderful; - an obvious labor of love. :)