Sunday, February 27, 2011

Help Cripple Creek Ferals & Friends

Many of you who follow Bunny's Blog are familiar with my friend Vicki Boatright a.k.a. Bztat. Vicki is an artist who specializes in custom pet portraits, animal art, and other contemporary artwork.

A few month's ago, Vicki found a small female cat that she named Okey living in a parking lot in downtown Canton, OH. Okey was obviously cold and hungry, but she was also extremely wary of humans. When Vicki attempted to bring her inside, she fought hard and escaped.

So Vicki reached out to her friend Jill, who runs Cripple Creek Ferals & Friends. Jill provided her with a live trap and coached her through the process of earning Okey's trust. Within a few days, Vicki was able to bring Okey inside and gradually introduced her to her other cats. Now Okey is happily a part of her feline family! 

That's just one story and just one cat, but Cripple Creek Ferals & Friends rescues hundreds of cats from other dangerous, abusive or unhealthy situations. They are currently in the process of rescuing two large groups of cats, and they are charged with the cost of feeding, assessing, vetting, and finding permanent homes for them.

Vicki has established a Chip-in on her Okey's Promise blog to help raise funds for this project. It's her way of thanking the group that helped her save Okey from a life on the streets and helping many more cats in return. I hope you will consider making a donation too!


  1. The lovely Miss Okey, every time I see her photo on Facebook she gets more bootiful.

  2. Okey is very booful! Rumblessssss is one very discerning mancat for sure!!