Monday, November 14, 2011

Calgary Offers Reprieve to Canmore Bunnies

Via - A convoy of rabbits to stop rabbits from doing what rabbits do best.

That’s the multiple-snip strategy being touted as a last-minute rescue plan for some 2,000 feral rabbits currently sitting on death row in Canmore.

It’s simple: Round them up, convoy the bunnies down the highway to Calgary for neutering, and then set the sterilized carrot-munchers free at sanctuaries across Canada.

Some would call it a hare-brained scheme to save the doomed Canmore rabbits, but the plan is apparently very real — and the hero of this strange rescue strategy is the City of Calgary.

The Canmore cull was set to start Monday, but on the eve of rabbit destruction, the group fighting to rescue the garden-devouring pests say Calgary has stepped forward as a last-second savior.

“I’m going to be able to move a lot of rabbits — hopefully all of them,” said Susan Vickery, spokeswoman for Save Canmore Bunnies, and founder of a rabbit sanctuary in B.C.

“We’ve found someone who’s willing to help spay and neuter between 800 and 1,000 rabbits.

“So that’s the cure, and I believe that’s the entire population.”

On top of $10,000 raised in recent days through donations, Vickery says the offer from Calgary’s Bylaw and Animal Services department is the miracle these unwanted rabbits needed.

Vickery says the offer is for the rabbits to be neutered at Calgary’s Animal Services Centre Clinic, free of cost.

Calgary Bylaw and Animal Services director Bill Bruce confirms that Calgary will lend a hand.

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Written by Michael Platt

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