Saturday, November 12, 2011

Petland USA Says It Will Continue Selling Pets

In October, Mary Haight of Dancing Dog Blog called for Petland USA to stop selling puppies and kittens in their stores after Petland Canada announced that they would discontinue selling animals. called for pet bloggers to focus on this issue on Blog the Change Day, and over 45,000 people signed the petition on asking Petland to stop selling animals. Still Petland Inc. has refused to take action on this issue.

Here is Mary's latest call to action via
Stocking more than 150 stores across the US with puppies of all breeds is a model responsible for causing pain, suffering and death. Breeding females are locked in cages until they can no longer breed and are then killed. Even if a change from the top in a franchise-structured company affects only corporate stores, the intent to do no harm is a clarion call that every company should want to take up, especially one that deals directly with living things.
Sadly, Petland is not interested. 
After more than 45,000 people joined the campaign on calling on Petland USA to stop supporting puppy mills, I sent questions to the company’s headquarters, and the answers received do not recognize the pain and suffering factory farming of family pets inflicts. 
Sometimes pictures can be more effective than words. Since they have the power to help stop this, remind Petland USA what breeder puppy mill dogs look like. 
Mary then asked readers to download pictures from the website and post them to the Facebook walls of eight major Petland stores. However, Petland has blocked access to these walls, so now she is asking all concerned pet bloggers to post the pictures to their blogs and share them via Facebook and Twitter.

As Mary states in her post on -

"Petland Corporate boasts that it’s been 'a leader in the pet industry' for 45 years. So why not lead?"

Please join us in this social media campaign to show Petland that we are completely for and about the welfare of animals, and they should be too!


  1. Pawsome article Vicki! How do I get the HTML for the widget? I will go back and have a look xoxo

    Lisa, Madi and Abi

  2. Thanks for sharing, Vicki! It's not right that they boast about an adoption program on one hand, saying they promote adoption, and on the other allow puppy mills to be a source for franchises. They claim their corporate stores do not contract with Hunte and don't get dogs from puppy mills. Why not open that to public scrutiny if they are proud of where they get their pets?

  3. We agrees! And fanks U for posting this - we did not know about it otherwise, and we made Mommy join in the blogging about it too!