Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Keep Pets Safe Around Holiday Decorations

Via TimesRecordNews - Holiday decorations seem to come out earlier each year. This lengthens the time our pets may be exposed to hazards and makes extra diligence even more important for pet owners.

Holiday decorations come in many forms and sizes. Whether it's twinkling lights, tinsel or something ordinary like a plant, dangers can lurk anywhere for our pets.

Plants that are abundant this time of year such as poinsettias, holly and mistletoe can be toxic to curious pets. Keep any plants up and out of reach of any four-legged creatures. Keep your emergency veterinary clinic number and the Poison Control Center hotline number handy just in case. Time is of the essence if your pet gets poisoned.

If you display a live tree, remember that pine needles can pose a danger to any pet that may attempt to eat and ingest one. Needles can puncture the intestines of your pet, so keep your tree watered and clean up fallen needles as soon as possible.

Cats may find indoor trees very entertaining. Make sure all ornaments are well secured on the tree and refrain from using tinsel. As any cat owner knows, cats enjoy things that sparkle and move. Tinsel fits this bill and makes it highly attractive. Glass or other easily breakable ornaments need to be placed up high to keep noses or batting paws away. Round ornaments may also look like a fun ball if you have a ball-crazy pooch.

Also be careful about letting your pet drink the tree water, especially if you have put any type of additive into the water. Check the labels carefully for their safety and toxicity levels.

Another factor to keep in mind is the danger posed by all the electrical cords either under the tree or leading to other holiday decorations. Tape down or cover electrical cords to keep your pet from chewing on them. An electrical shock or burn is not a welcome gift for your pet.

Written by Katrena Mitchell
Image via flickr.com 

For more information on Pet Safety, visit the ASPCA website for Holiday Safety Tips


  1. Excellent reminder BJ. So happy you and a few others come out with this every year. You know oomans need to be reminded cuz they aren't as smart as we anipals.

  2. A really important post. Thanks for that. Hope none of my friends have accidents this year.

    Love and licks, Winnie

  3. It never hurts to be reminded of these tips as we pull out the tree and trimmings. Thanks for the important post.

  4. Great tips! Toby puts *everything* in his mouth. So esepcially at this time of year I get extra paranoid.

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    Best wishes,

    Blair Sorrel