Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mars Petcare Partners with Rescue Bank to Feed Hungry Pets

via - Mars Petcare, including Mars Petcare US, The Nutro Company and Royal Canin are proud to announce a national partnership with Rescue Bank to enable more efficient delivery of pet food donations to animal shelters and rescues in support of pet adoption and owner retention programs across the country.

Modeled after America’s food bank network, Rescue Bank provides a tailored donation distribution process that delivers pet food where it’s most needed. Their expertise in product tracking and logistics will provide a national network of community-based distribution facilities, reflecting Mars Petcare’s commitment to making A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS™.

“Rescue Bank is doing for pets what the food bank network has successfully done for people in this country for more than 40 years,” said Debra Fair, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Mars Petcare US. “This partnership is the perfect way to give much needed support to the shelter and rescue communities and change the lives of homeless pets everywhere.”

Rescue Bank provides a reliable means for distributing wholesome, nutritious pet food that is approaching its “best by” date, benefiting both the manufacturers and non-profit groups caring for pets in need. Without timely intervention, these products would likely be thrown away.

“Animal shelters and rescues that we supply with food now have more resources and time for wellness, spay-neuter and adoption services,” said Elizabeth Asher, Executive Director, Rescue Bank. “Mars Petcare is making this a reality.”

Mars Petcare US is a longtime supporter of dog and cat welfare with $6 million in total giving through monetary and product donations.

Rescue Bank is a nonprofit organization supported by public and private donations. To support this effort or become a recipient, please visit

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  1. This is such a good idea! It also reminds me of Meals on Wheels. So glad for these organizations! Thanks for posting Vicki.

  2. Some Meals on Wheels programs actually deliver pet food along with the people food!

  3. Vicki, we had no idea that some Meals on Wheels programs do this too. Pawesome!

    Mommy found out this week thanks to Sebastian's mom that, though our shelter doesn't have its own food bank, all the food donations that come to the shelter go to a local one! In today's economy, it's more impawtant than ever to have a resource like this.

    HIGHPAW to Mars Co for doing this.

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