Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Celebrate National Pet Day

Did you know that today, April 11 is National Pet Day? It's is a day to celebrate your furry best friend and also to remember the thousands of animals who are still waiting for their forever homes.

National Pet Day was founded by celebrity pet lifestyle expert & animal welfare advocate Colleen Paige and is sponsored by the Animal Miracle Foundation & Network to celebrate the joy pets bring to our lives and to create public awareness about the plight of so many different kinds of animals in shelters all across the nation.

It's estimated that approximately 16,000 pets die in U.S. shelters every single day. This means that roughly every single hour of the day, 667 animals are taking their last breath. That's just cats and dogs and does not include the thousands of other animals that people consider pets.

So consider this - before you spend money on coffee, junk food, shoes, clothing, make-up, etc. - ask yourself whether you really need it. Just one time, make the decision to forego what you want to buy and donate the money to save a life. Help support your local animal shelters and rescues - even a dollar a month. If a million people donated $1 a month, that's 12 MILLION dollars raised for shelters across the nation.

You can also celebrate National Pet Day by volunteering your time at a local animal shelter, and always remember to Adopt, Don’t Shop!

To learn more about National Pet Day, “like” their Facebook  page, follow them on Twitter or visit their website at


  1. Gotta ax TW where my National Pet Day gift is. Be back later!

  2. I always celebrate my pets birthday and national pet day. But since I was on company business & overlooked pets national day. We are planning on going to his favorite hamburger place for meal.

  3. no wedidn't know that! Wow, we'll write it down for next year and be sure to spread the word. Thanks for letting us know about this!

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