Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dog Deaths Spark Online Campaign Against Nestle Purina

A woman whose 9-year-old fox terrier, Sampson, became fatally ill after consuming chicken jerky treats earlier this year has launched a breaking campaign on Change.org urging Nestle Purina to stop selling treats she links to her dog’s death.

“Waggin' Train Wholesome Chicken Jerky treats were the last thing Sampson ate before he fell ill," said Terry Safranek, who launched the campaign on Change.org. 

"I've since learned we're part of a known epidemic of hundreds of cases of illness and death attributed to these and other chicken jerky treats made in China," Safranek said. "Nestle Purina needs to protect other families from what I went through by taking these treats off the shelves until they're proven safe."

Safranek launched her popular petition on Change.org, a social network for good, after an FDA representative picked up treat samples from her house for their ongoing investigation. The agency has issued several warnings around chicken jerky treats made in China.

“Terry has connected with thousands of concerned dog lovers, as well as others who have reported deaths associated with the chicken jerky treats made in China,” says Stephanie Feldstein, Senior Campaigner for Change.org.  “Terry's Change.org petition has turned her loss into an opportunity for Nestle Purina respond to thousands of customers.”

To sign the petition asking Nestle Purina to recall all dog treats made in China, click here.


  1. I just signed the petition! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I wrote about this too Vicki. It just frustrates me to see this product on shelves in all the major big box stores. Some unsuspecting pet owner will buy it and have their dog die or become ill. So frustrating.
    Glad you are spreading the word.

    1. You would think that corporations would voluntarily pull their products off the shelves if it was suspected of causing illness and/or death. So much for a corporate ethics!

    2. Hi. I've also signed the petition. I have my own business and I produce chicken breast jerky, as well as sweet potato and beef. I'm very cautious about the meat that I buy and have strict safety rules in place in the kitchen to ensure quality. My point is this; how/why is Walmart and Lowes still selling this stuff. Better yet, why are people still buying it? I make the chicken jerky right here in Ohio and it's starting to sell as fast as I can produce it! If anyone's interested, please visit my estore at www.bucknastyjerky.com Thanks and lets keep our dogs safe!!

  3. We cannot understand why it's still being sold, especially after all the press this has received - and all the social media outcry. Softpaws to Terry over Sampson's loss.