Friday, April 20, 2012

Rescue an Animal and Save a Life

Animal rescuers are a special breed of people. They are the ones who take in abused, neglected or abandoned animals and help them find loving, forever homes. In a world with rampant pet overpopulation, animal rescuers play a special role in our communities.

“Rescue an Animal and Save a Life” is an e-book about animal rescue and pet adoption. It’s written by Melissa Andrews, a dedicated pet rescuer. Like many animal rescuers, Ms. Andrews grew up in a home with pets. As an adult, she and her husband have helped rescue many dogs and cats from less than ideal situations.

In the book, Ms. Andrews shares her personal stories, as well as those of her friends who also rescue animals. Many are success stories, but one is a cautionary tale about an organization that was less than truthful about the history and health of the dog they were adopting out.

"Rescue an Animal and Save a Life" imparts all the necessary information needed to find and adopt a pet, whether from an animal shelter or rescue group. Through personal accounts and anecdotes, the author assists the reader in deciding the why, where and how of searching for their family’s perfect pet.

From determining the best pet sources, to preparing a home properly, to getting involved in the rewarding world of animal rescue, this book covers all the basics of pet adoption. There is also a section on research, resources, and links to assist the reader in their quest for responsible pet adoption.

“How to Rescue an Animal and Save a Life” (Kindle Edition) is available at for $2.99.

Note: a complementary edition of this book was provided to me for the purpose of reviewing it. No other financial compensation was received in exchange for this post. 


  1. Since pets cannot express themselves it is very essential that we rescue & save them in times of trouble.

  2. This is wonderful reading! So glad you reviewed it and she wrote about it!

  3. Thank you both for your comments. I'm always happy to share anything that will get people to consider animal rescue and pet adoption!