Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vigil for Fukushima Animals

This post comes via Deb Barnes, author of The Chronicles of Zee and Zoey.

Today is the one year anniversary of the day the Japanese government gave up on the animals in the Fukushima nuclear disaster area. Please take a moment to give prayers to those animals who have lost their lives and those surviving animals that so desperately still need help.

Only Naoto Matsumura, a 52 year old rice farmer, remains inside the exclusion zone without electricity and running water to feed a menagerie of animals. A facebook page has been created to honor his efforts to save the animals of Tomioka, Japan.

Tomioka, once home to 16,000 people, is the only home Mr. Matsumura's has ever known. He's seen it change from lush farmland to a nuclear wasteland and ghost town. He is well aware of the dangers to his own health, but he won't leave the animals behind. Aki, his dog, is his constant companion, along with the cats and other animals who have been abandoned by Japan's government.


  1. This is such an amazing job he's doing - so selfless!

    1. It's so sad that he's the only person who was willing to stay with the animals - and even sadder that the Japanese government didn't have a plan to get the animals out! So many animals left alone to fend for themselves.

  2. Vicki - I am sorry I missed this post you did on this serious subject. Thank you for sharing this via my site and I am so appreciate of your support. I plan on tackling the interviews again, as this subject cannot be ignored.