Thursday, June 27, 2013

Trupanion survey shows pet owners are eager for pet-friendly workplaces

Via PR Web - To coincide with Take Your Dog to Work Day on Friday, June 21, Trupanion pet insurance launched a survey to see how people really felt about pets in the workplace.

Is a pet-friendly workplace really (like Trupanion, which encourages all 250 employees to bring their dogs and cats to work) something pet owners are looking for? Survey results said yes.

Of the 134 survey respondents, 97 percent owned at least one pet and 66 percent worked in an office that was not currently pet-friendly.

But a whopping 86 percent said they think more highly of a company if it is a pet-friendly company and 43 percent said a pet-friendly workplace is a factor in choosing where they would like to work.

“I would take a pay cut to leave my current employer of 10 years to go and work for a pet friendly company,” said one pet owner. “My dog is my best friend and being able to spend all day with my dog would be extremely valuable to me.”

Sixty-nine percent of respondents noted that the best benefits of having their pet at work are stress relief, socialization for the pet, and simply having their pet by their side all day. Thirty-seven percent said that the daily exercise they get from their pets was another benefit.

“I find that our clients come in with a smile as they are greeted at the door by my dog and no one seems to leave without stopping to give him tummy rubs on the way out,” said one respondent. “It’s great for morale too.”

While the majority of respondents highly praised pets in the workplace, there was a selection of people who weren't so supportive. Respondents noted that the distraction pets present in the workplace was the biggest drawback, followed by the potential for allergies suffered by co-workers.

“As a pet owner who loves her pet and all the pets I get to meet, I find it extremely disrespectful and inappropriate for us to forget that some people are uncomfortable around our pets or have allergies to them,” noted one respondent. “The workplace is not a place for our pets to be. I love sharing my rabbit with others, but I also want to respect their feelings and needs as well.”

This is a valid concern, and one addressed by Trupanion in their office Pet Policy.

“It’s expected that all employees will respect coworkers and talk constructively through any issues that come up,” said Dr. Kerri Marshall, Chief Veterinary Officer at Trupanion. “An escalation process is also in place to handle incidents that cannot be resolved.”

“We do have employees with pet allergies in our office, and we respect them and make accommodations that help them manage their symptoms in alignment with their doctor’s recommendation,” said Dr. Marshall.

“But we also know that we may be discouraging talent from joining our team because of our environment. We take that risk, because we see the incredible benefit pets bring – including high employee satisfaction and retention, increased company morale, and less overall stress.

“We also care deeply about the pets. Pets are part of our families and are also integral members of our teams at work. They are there to make sure we are acting in their best interest!”


  1. I have never been able to bring my dog to work. I worked at one place for a few years that allowed it if you were in an office (instead of a cubicle). I left that job three days after I finally got an office. I would definitely like it but I am not sure my dogs are suited for that kind of environment. They can be pretty vocal.

  2. We think it is a good idea if the pet fits into the environment and that is not going to be all pets. All in all we like the idea but we bet at some point the ugly word insurance will be part of the equation. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly.

  3. I think it great if the right balance is met,obviously some places is impossible to bring you pet to work like with the food industry

  4. I think there are major pros and cons of taking your dog to work. I don't have to weigh them, since I only have kitties and they would HATE going anywhere other than from the comfy bed to the cat tree for window wiffies. :-)