Thursday, September 12, 2013

VPI reveals most popular macabre pet names in honor of Friday the 13th

Via PR Web - In honor of the initial Friday the 13th of 2013 (Sept. 13), Veterinary Pet Insurance has analyzed its database of more than 500,000 insured pets to find out how many pet owners opted for macabre monikers for naming their furry friend.

In addition to possessing more than 3,000 black cats in its database, VPI has a variety of dogs and cats with monikers that match some of the scariest movie characters in the history of cinema.

Below is a list of the most common pet names in VPI’s database that were inspired by spine-chilling movie characters (total number of pets sharing that name in parenthesis):

Most Common Pet Names Inspired by Scary Movie Characters 

1. Jack (2218) – “The Shining”
2. Ripley (175) – “Alien”
3. Norman (136) – “Psycho”
4. Freddy (125) – “Nightmare on Elm Street”
5. Salem (68) – “Salem’s Lot”
6. Cujo (61) – “Cujo”
7. Michael (47) – “Halloween”
8. Carrie (32) – “Carrie”
9. Damien (30) – “The Omen”
10. Jason (25) – “Friday the 13th”
11. Chucky (23) – “Child’s Play”
12. Regan (23) – “The Exorcist”
13. Hannibal (14) – “Silence of the Lambs”
14. Jaws (8) – “Jaws”
15. Voldemort (1) – “Harry Potter”

Among the other spooky pet names in the VPI database are “Black Shadow,” “Bones,” “Creepy,” and “Ghost.” To view some of the most creative monikers selected for VPI’s Top 10 Most Unusual Pet Names of 2013, visit

Since 1982, VPI has helped provide pet owners with peace of mind and is committed to being the trusted choice of America’s pet lovers. For more information about VPI Pet Insurance, visit


  1. The young couple that adopted two of my fosters last year had a good one for their previous cat: Machete :)

  2. Love this. Jaws and Cujo are my favorite names from the list.

  3. My chihuahua has her own black cat and his name is Spider.

  4. My Chihuahuas have regular names - Taylor, Sugar, Emma and Lily :)